Chapter 1:

Minutes Earlier:

Although Ryder (enforcer/assassin for spider network) heard faint footsteps approaching in the distant, instead of looking around (a second time) and informing Vail (former black supermodel), he decided to concentrate on the intended targets in front of him: Kit, Hunter, Dominique and Cartier.

Ryder and Vail were hired assassins. They had been parceled out to cancel three of the targets; the fourth target (Cartier) was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ryder told Vail he would take out Kit, Hunter and Dominique; Vail’s assignment was to take out Cartier.

In perfect unison Ryder and Vail gently squeezed their trigger fingers on their Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Sniper rifles.

Ryder counted down, 3….2….1

Present Day:

As promised, Ryder shot his three targets, all in the head. They fell to the ground as restaurant patrons screamed and ran towards the exits. The restaurant was in total chaos. Despite this, Cartier scrambled around on the floor. When he got to Dominique, he held her in her arms, saying, “I’m so sorry!” He touched her neck and feeling a faint pulse he whispered in her ear, “Hang on baby, please hang on!”

Lear was outside calling for backup when she heard the gunshots. She rushed back in the restaurant but the carnage stopped her in her tracks. Dominique, Kit and Hunter appeared to be dead on the floor from head wounds. She rushed to them. She couldn’t find a pulse for Kit and Hunter but she found a weak pulse for Dominique. She used her radio to call an ambulance.

She looked around. Cartier was nowhere in sight but he couldn’t have gotten far. She ran to the back exit, out to an alley. She looked both ways but didn’t see him. She heard sirens in the distance as she returned to the restaurant.
Cartier had survived because someone had shot Vail’s sniper rifle out of her hands. She looked around and saw Nikki and Phelps approaching on foot, guns blazing.

Ryder turned around and returned fire. Over gunfire, he shouted, “Vail, do you have on your Kevlar?” She nodded. He said, “Good. This is what we’re going to do. I want you to cover me while I run for the SUV, light their asses up, unload on them! We’ll be safe when we get in the SUV, the windows and tires are bulletproof. From here, we’ll go to the safe house. I need to take side roads because they’ve probably already called in the make and model. I removed the license plates earlier.” Vail said, “I got your back!”

With Vail returning fire non-stop, she managed to keep Nikki and Phelps at bay. They couldn’t get an angle on Ryder, the bullets were flying everywhere. As they ducked behind big boulders and shrub Ryder was able to scramble to the SUV. He got in, roared up the engine. As the SUV approached Vail, Nikki and Phelps resumed fire. Ryder rolled down the window and yelled, “Get in now!” Vail kept shooting as she backed her way into the SUV and they sped off.

Chapter 2:


Lauryn and Miquel were entertaining business associates at the waterfront estate in Florida. In the distance, a trained Patagonian ferret was rolling Cuban cigars containing the world’s rarest types of tobacco.

Normally, Lauryn didn’t come face to face with potential clients but these men were offering her huge sums of money.

One of the business associates, Taylor Lloyd, headed a phantom death squad. He employed ghost unit jackals (assassins) on several continents. Lloyd also dealt in gold bullion. One heist netted him three tons of bullion valued at $50 million. The heist was successful because Lloyd’s crew used infrared LAD’s pinned on their lapels which created a blur that blocked their faces from surveillance video; these LAD’s weren’t even on the open market. Lloyd wanted to hire Lauryn to launder his money.

The other business associate, Shay Michaels, used his specialty race car business as a front for a lucrative drug trafficking scheme. He wanted to hire Lauryn to launder his illicit funds. Michaels was greedy. His business charged clients $100,000 to build custom race cars, yet he always needed cash. His addiction, expensive toys: Lamborghini motorcycles, yachts, private jet rentals, exotic locations, rare luxury cars priced at: $5-10 million dollars, etc. Michaels also collected expensive art.

Lauryn had read both men’s dossiers before she had agreed to meet them. Both men had a genuine love for fine wine (which she provided) and expensive cuisine. She had the chef serve a giant bluefin tuna – a fish so rare and prized that a whole bluefin can reach $396,000 at auction.

Lauryn also knew that both men had a true love for R&B music. She contacted her concierge and arranged for delivery of four front-row tickets and backstage passes. She would dress incognito as she accompanied Miquel and the two clients to a concert featuring Stevie Wonder, Stephanie Mills and Jeffrey Osborne.

Later, they were driven to the airport by limo and took a private plane to the Swiss Riviera to attend the Montreux Jazz Festival the following day.

When they returned to Miami, she arranged for the men to take a midnight cruise. The men sipped brandy and smoked Cuban cigars – handcrafted by the ferret.

The smooth sounds of Will Downing played in the background as they got down to business. The deal was brief. They agreed to Lauryn’s terms before they retired to their separate suites in the mansion.

As Lauryn and Miquel retired to the bedroom, Lauryn’s emergency cell rang. It was Cartier.


Lauryn Allen continues to diversify her black market empire. She’s currently involved in illegal oil trafficking with the help of Miquel’s shadow syndicate, which includes his nephew, Desi. Lauryn is also dealing in counterfeit medication, including black market pills for alcoholism and male birth control. Counterfeit Oxycondin is her biggest seller. One pill is manufactured for $6.00 with a street value of $80-$100 dollars-per pill. Lauryn also has joined the Black Peso Exchange Network which launders $5 billion dollars of drug money for Colombian cartels on an annual basis.

Cartier Allen is laying low and is devastated about Dominique Desiree. He checks on her diagnosis on a regular basis.

Spy Crew: Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Jacks (CIA), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), and Phelps (3-Charley Sweeper-Former Navy Seal) sat around a conference table. Topic of conversation: Bringing down Lauryn and Cartier!

Dayna’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of Cartier’s name. Earlier, she was upset and jealous when she found out he had been seeing Dominique Desiree.

Lear interrupted her thoughts with the following statement: Lauryn and Cartier are a priority but we’ve also been assigned another case file, entitled “Kingpin.”

Lear briefed the crew.

“Kingpin is an African American man who has only been photographed once, for his high school yearbook years ago. He’s currently involved in adult films, sex trafficking, pimping, drug trafficking, illicit/fantasy websites, arms trafficking and a hip-hop label that he uses to launder money. He’s gotten more sophisticated over the years; he’s currently into illegal stem-cell harvesting and trafficking in rare blue diamonds.

He communicates with his lieutenants only through closed-channel phones, impossible to intercept. He’s a ghost and his current whereabouts are unknown. The only address we ever had on him was located in Monterey Bay, to be more specific, the Monterey Dunes Beach Resort. He occupied a cottage on a secluded private beach. When we moved in, he was gone! We later tracked him to a Sun Valley ski lodge. Again, he was gone when we arrived. Rumors persist that he’s currently disabled due to a murder attempt by a rival.”

Phelps was familiar with him. He spoke up: “This dude is from my neck of the woods, he was a street legend in San Francisco. I’ll take some vacation days and visit my Uncle Charles. My uncle’s a former cop who just lost his wife to cancer. He practically raised me when my parents died and he’s the reason I’m in law enforcement. He may have some inside information.”

Lear responded, “Sounds like a plan, keep me posted!”

Nikki spoke up: I’ve been parceled out to a South American soccer player. The owner of the soccer team wants me to work security detail. The soccer player has been receiving death threats from an unknown source. After that assignment is finished, I’ve been contracted out to shadow a female rapper on a mini-tour. From there, I can join the crew on Kingpin & Lauryn/Cartier.

Lear replied, thanks Nikki, contact me as soon as you’re free, we’re going to need you on both cases.

Meanwhile, Jacks took a long look at Dayna; she had noticed that she appeared distracted throughout the entire meeting. Jacks, with G-Mac in tow, decided to confront Dayna in the hallway. “Are you okay?” she asked. “You seemed to be preoccupied in the meeting.” Dayna replied, “Yes, I’m okay. Thanks for your concern, but I may have to go off the grid for a day or two.”

After she walked away, Jacks turned to G-Mac. “I don’t feel good about this. Let’s follow her.”

While Lear was in the meeting, her private cell kept vibrating. When she checked it was Scarlett, her younger cousin, who was dating an NBA star. She returned the call. Scarlett was frantic. The first words out of her mouth: “I think Clem is cheating on me!” Lear tried to calm her down by asking her, isn’t his publicist Makeda Smith? Scarlett said, yeah, so what? Lear added: Reach out to Makeda and go over his scheduling. Scarlett replied, “I don’t want to do that, nobody in his camp needs to know my suspicions!”

Finally, Lear said, “Look, Scarlett, write this url down: Panachereport.com/prwebpress. It’s a private /membership comment board. I will text you my username and password, use it to gain entry and post the question: ‘Does anyone know anything about Clem Robinson? I have a crush on him. Who’s he dating? What kind of guy is he?’ Trust me, within minutes, you will get the lowdown on Clem from the Panachigans. If Clem has a hidden birth mark, they will know about it! You can also post your questions on PR’s Facebook page, take down my FB password and username.”

“Lear, why can’t you track his movements for me?” Scarlett whined. Lear replied, “Because I’m working on two cases at once. Sorry Scarlett, I just don’t have the time, but I promise to check on you later. Don’t forget to log on to that message board and facebook. Oh, one more thing before I forget – how are your brothers?”

Scarlett replied, “The triplets? Clayton, Braedon and Draydon are fine. They’ve gotten into high tech tickets. They have a hookup for concert and sports tickets across the country, they put them on StubHub and sell them for double or triple face value. They’re even selling college basketball and football tickets. “Their biggest seller was tickets to see the Pope speak, Prince and Lady Gaga. They couldn’t keep up with the demand. Clayton handles sports, Hayden handles R&B, and Braedon handles Rock and Pop. They want to back me in a Remy hair business. I’m sick of ballers. I’m going to take them up on their offer!”

Lear said, “Glad to hear it, Scarlett. Glad you’re realizing not to rely on these ballers. You should always earn your own money – be independent!”

“I agree, Lear,” said Scarlett, “But before I do this, I still have to know if Clem’s cheating. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do!”

Dayna, meanwhile, had walked to her car and checked her phone. She’d missed a text from a contact named “Dimitrije.” Dimitrije left three words: “MEET ME NOW!” Driving across town to East Los Angeles, she pulled up to a nondescript motel, walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

Dimitrije opened the door and looked nervously around before ushering her inside. Dayna sat down.

Dimitrije handed her several files on Anonije Bronislav, a former war criminal hiding out in Los Angeles. This man and his army had raped and killed Dayna’s favorite Aunt Jelena. Bronislav had also slaughtered Dimitrije’s entire family.

Dimitrije told Dayna, “You will have only one chance to kill this animal. It’s his birthday tonight. My contact told me he will be hosting a private party. Here is the address and here is additional information on this monster.”

Dayna took the files and went to her car. As she quickly scanned the intelligence, one thing stood out, it was all she needed. She had only two hours to put her plan in place. She couldn’t rely on infecting him with HIV. That would be too slow of a death. She wanted this bastard to die quick.

She went into a natural food store and came out with a small bag. Next, she went home and got out one of her sexiest outfits. She took time to do her makeup. When she left, she looked like a million bucks – plenty good enough to get into the private club and Bronislav’s birthday party.

She made it a point to get Bronislav’s attention. Before long, one of his enforcers invited her to his private table. It was all so easy. Bronislav told her she was beautiful; she thanked him. They danced, went back to the table and drank champagne.

After everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday, she made her move. When Dayna planted a big wet kiss on his lips, his big smile instantly turned into a mask of horror as he fell into a seizure. Everyone panicked and she slipped away, but not before one of his lieutenants followed her out to the street. He screamed, “Hey, you, stop right now!”

Dayna picked up her pace. Out of nowhere, a car came speeding towards her – it was Jacks and G-Mac. “Jump in!” Jacks yelled. Dayna slammed the car door as gunfire erupted and Jacks sped off.

G-Mac turned around and asked “What the hell was that about?” Dayna panted, “Long story short? I just killed a war criminal. He murdered my Croatian aunt. My contacts alerted me that he was in the area; his dossier said he had a severe peanut allergy. I went to a health food store and bought a tube of lipstick made with shea nuts and butter. After I kissed him, it was lights out!” Nikki would be proud! I assassinated a mark without using HIV, a gun or a knife.

The next day’s headline: “War criminal dies in L.A. club. A man identified through fingerprints as war criminal Antonije Bronislav died of an allergic peanut reaction last night.”


Meanwhile, Kingpin’s crew loaded up a car trunk with cocaine and weapons. They were instructed to make a delivery to Los Angeles. On the way, Pope and Tavares made an unscheduled stop and picked up a third man named Grayson (Gray).

Kingpin was unaware of this and would have frowned upon it. Gray gets into the car and they head out to Los Angeles.

They’re bumping Lil Wayne and T.I. and smoking blunts until they arrive in Bakersfield at an all night diner.

Tavares gets out of the car to stretch, his happy mood changes when he sees the black waitress laughing and talking to a white guy at the counter.

Tavares tells Pope and Grayson, will you look at that shit, fucking sell out!

Pope told him, man, why does that bother you? You only date white women.

Tavares said, it ain’t the same and shut the fuck up!

They go into the diner and order burgers, fries and soda’s to go. Tavares has an attitude with the waitress; he gets angrier when she ignores him.

They take their food to the car. After they finish, Tavares tells them, look at that, our sell out waitress is taking a cigarette break.

Without warning, he jumps out of the car, goes over to her and gets into a heated argument. Pope is shocked, Gray doesn’t care. Pope jumps out of the car, but not in time. Tavares suddenly strikes the waitress with a fury of punches and then drags her behind the building near a dumpster. He rips her clothes off. Pope tries to pull him off, he starts shouting, get your hands off me, fuck this b**ch! I’m handling my business.

He became too strong for Pope to contain, Pope was tossed aside and Tavares started raping her, she started screaming (the juke box inside drowned out her screams) and Tavares started hitting and choking her.

After he finished, he pulled a gun on Pope and said, join in on the fun. Pope declined but Gray (who appeared out of nowhere) didn’t.

They left her for dead, jumped in the car and sped off.


That next day, Phelps flew up to the Bay Area to see his Uncle Charles. The men embraced warmly at the airport and on the way into town they spoke of Phelps and Nikki’s upcoming nuptials. Uncle Charles was touched when Phelps asked him to be his best man. Uncle Charles took Phelps to The Cliff House, an upscale restaurant perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The view was spectacular. Phelps ordered grilled mahi mahi and Dungeness crab. Uncle Charles ordered the lamb. After dinner, Phelps reminisced about his childhood.

“I remember when I was a shorty and you took me to Playland,” he said. “It used to be right up the street. Man, that was fun. I loved the Big Dipper, the Fun House and the Roller Coaster. You know they created the ice cream bar ‘It’s It,’ at Playland?” Uncle Charles nodded his head as Phelps continued.

“I could have sworn I spotted the Jacksons at Playland and I remember they were performing in the Bay Area around that time.

I was so lost after Mom and Dad died. Thanks for taking me in,” he added. Uncle Charles said, “That’s what family is for.” As they were leaving the restaurant, Phelps said, “Before I leave, we have to go out to AT&T Park to see the World Champion Giants, and after the game, let’s go to Houston’s and order some crab cakes and ribs.” Twenty-five minutes later, they arrived at a home in Diamond Heights. Uncle Charles told Phelps to get a good night’s sleep because they were heading out to Tracy at the crack of dawn to go trout fishing.

The next morning, they arrived in Tracy, rowed their boats out to the middle of the lake, threw their lines out and waited for the fish to bite. Phelps took this opportunity to ask about Kingpin.

Uncle Charles said instantly, “Man, that dude is ruthless! He is one of the most dangerous cats to come out of the Bay Area.” He wiped his brow. “Before him, we had the Black Godfather, Frank Ward, the first drug lord to have a film based on him, (The Mack). At one time, Frank had 30 hookers on MacArthur Avenue, right down the street from Evergreen Baptist Church. Three of them were lookalikes for Tina Turner, Freda Payne, and Diana Ross. MacArthur became an infamous tourist attraction. Frank was also a big drug trafficker. Used to see Frank and his brothers down at the Oaks Card Club, surrounded by beautiful women and stacks of hundreds. Thirty years later, Hammer would make a grand entrance at the Oaks. He’d arrive ten deep, he had his own private table and spent the night and early morning hours playing baccarat. The Oaks Club was recently raided and shut down, just reopened. Frank always clashed with Huey Newton – Oakland wasn’t big enough for two kings. Frank (along with his down woman) were murdered in his Rolls Royce. People pointed the finger at Huey Newton but it was never proven. Frank tried to go legit, opened up a men’s boutique but nobody patronized it and it closed. He was told, “We need you to keep running things in Oakland, forget about going legit.”

“Then we had Felix Mitchell. He was powerful and controlled a multi-million dollar interstate trafficking ring. Funny thing, after his murder, he was granted an appeal. Remember that club Silk’s?” Phelps nodded. “Felix and his crew used to party down there. Man, that was a hot club, they were also spotted at Lake Merritt and Alameda Beach. Then the playa’s moved to Geoffrey’s Inner Circle after Silk’s closed and the sophisticated set would later patronize Kimball’s East. Those were the days. Before you leave, I’m going to take you down to Jack London Square. It’s like a black renaissance. Great black restaurants: Pican, Brown Sugar, the Air Lounge, Maxwell’s, Mimosa Paradise. There’s a chicken and waffles diner and BBQ joints, too.

“Then we had Charles Cosby. The godmother, Griselda Blanco, hooked him up. Ran into him a few times, always carried himself more like a black businessman than a hustler, real suave and sophisticated, always attired in expensive Italian suits and pricey jewelry. He’s known for his yacht parties on Pier 39. Caught a glimpse of him having dinner in a private dining room at a five-star restaurant. He had a plate full of garlic crab in front of him and bottles of Dom . Heard he has a concierge for high end sports cars. I see him around town rolling in Corvettes, Lambo’s and Ferraris. ‘Cocaine Cowboys 2’ put him on the map! Frank & Felix hung out at the Oaks Card Club but Cosby prefers the baccarat and poker parlor’s of Las Vegas. Heard he was a high roller, betting with $1,000 poker chips. He has a VIP hostess who arranges his air travel to Las Vegas via private jet (supplied by the casino). She also hooks him up with limousines for the duration of his stay, front row tickets to the hottest shows, shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus, lavish hotel suites accessed by a private elevator and backstage passes to A-list concerts. Some of those Vegas suites come with a chef and personal trainer as well as a swimming pool in the center of the living room.

Frank Ward, Felix Mitchell, Charles Cosby and Kingpin – they’re the most powerful hustlers to ever come out of Oakland,” he concluded.

Phelps said, “We’d appreciate any inside information on Kingpin.”

Uncle Charles took a deep breath. “Last I heard, he was living in a Cape Cod-style home in Bolinas. Doubt if he’s still there but I heard rumors that he’s in a wheelchair, heard he caught a bullet in the spine, but with the right riggings, he can still drive his collection of luxury automobiles. A CI” – a confidential informant – “once told us that Kingpin was in need of fresh women and he was going to put up fake ads on dating sites to lure them in, posing in his wheelchair beside his Bentley, but at the last moment, he decided against it and remained in the shadows. We were going to track him down but nothing ever came of it. The authorities are always one step behind him.”

Uncle Charles added, “I also heard his network is global, with a brutal enforcer at the helm, and he has a crew of dope boys who ride dirty to get illegal contraband across state lines. When his father was murdered, he took over his drug business. He only trusts two people, his father’s best friend Sterling Templar and his down woman – Honey. Sterling is an accountant and invested Kingpin’s money domestically and internationally in a variety of legal businesses that net him a fortune. Honey runs the day-to-day illegal endeavors. She had a son by Kingpin a few years ago. She’s heartless and won’t hesitate to use a gun. She’s an around the way girl, hood but beautiful. She displayed her loyalty when she took a bullet for Kingpin, she got shot in the arm and went down, and the next bullet severed Kingpin’s spine.”

He shifted his fishing gear. “You remember that former black action star, Brett James? Phelps said, “Yeah, I remember him, he was caught up in some gay scandal and disappeared.”

Uncle Charles replied, “Not only that, he’s doing gay adult films for Kingpin.” Phelps said, “You got to be kidding me!”

“No I’m not,” said the older man. “He was making $20 million dollars per film! His wife and her cop brother busted him in a seedy hotel with a soap opera actor. The cop took cell phone photos while the wife kicked Brett’s ass. The photos were sold to the tabloids and Brett was history.”

Phelps shook his head and said, “You know, Nikki was just telling me about a book she read titled Mogul, by author Terrance Dean. She said he blows the lid off the downlow culture and this subculture is bigger than what we think, especially in Black Hollywood and sports. Now, she has me reading all kinds of books by Miasha Coleman, Madison, Collen Dixon and Meta Smith. When we go out of town on assignment, Nikki stocks the plane with these authors.”

Uncle Charles smiled and said, “Ain’t nothing wrong with reading, information is power. Oh yeah, before I forget, Kingpin also owns sorority girl sites, fraternity sex sites, midget sex sites, gay sites, gang bang sites, he’s covering the entire spectrum. This cat’s cut from another cloth. You and your crew need to bring him down. Sure, he’s elusive and insulated, due to Sterling. But he can be brought down with the right intelligence. Heard that bastard is kidnapping and trafficking in 10-year-old, 13-year-old girls.”

Uncle Charles stood up in the boat and said, “Well nephew, the fish ain’t biting. Let’s row back to shore and get dinner.” A few hours later, they were at the House Of Prime Rib in San Francisco.

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