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Star Power: Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight and possibly Denzel Washington will appear in upcoming episodes of "Empire."  Lee Daniels' doesn't have to reach out, the stars are calling him.

The surviving members of TLC are appealing to fans to help fund the release of their fifth and final studio album.  T-Boz and Chilli are seeking to raise at least $150,000 dollars via a new kick starter campaign.

Pharrell Williams will be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this week.  This conference will also be attended by World Leaders.

Like T.I. and Nas, Lil Wayne will be working with a non-black female rapper named Stephanie Acevedo.

Drake's father (Dennis) has announced plans to return to music. He announced it on social media. Dennis is the brother of Larry Graham.

Diddy and his son Justin were allegedly draining bottles of Ciroc at Justin's 21st birthday party.

Damon Dash will be producing, directing and financing 3 films in 2015.  He was overheard referring to himself as the next Woody Allen.

The X-Files is returning with the original cast due to the success of "24."

A fundraiser for singer Rosie Gaines (Diamonds & Pearls) will take place at "Geoffrey's Inner Circle" in Oakland on Jan. 31, 2015.  Miss Gaines is currently experiencing health problems and she's unable to work and in need of housing. Prince and Sheila E. have already provided support.  Confirmed performances include: Dwayne Wiggins of Tony, Toni, Tone and Maxine Jones of EnVogue.

The very rare and hard to find "liquid shrimp juice" (for extreme shrimp lovers) is the rage among the jet set, priced at $200 per quart.

Crack addicts are now turning tricks inside crack houses to support their habit.  They normally advertise on the walls: "No need for condoms! Oral ($5.00), Sex and Oral ($10.00), Backdoor ($12.00), Any type of big dog ($17.00) and around the world ($20.00).



Leslie Hyltow was a Jamaican fast bowler for the West Indies between 1935-1939.  He is more famous for the way he died.  He is the only cricketer to have been executed.

He was found guilty for murdering his wife Lurlene and was hanged in 1955.

Terry Underwood was a small-school Barry Sanders, an undersized running back with outsized talent, a 5-8, 190-pound kid who once ran for 363 yards in a game. With massive legs, quick feet and a gift for hitting openings hard, he averaged 201 yards per game to lead the country as a senior, was named Div. III national player of the year, and finished his career with 5,010 yards - then the second-highest total in D-III history. He almost made the Jets, before heading north to play for the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL.

So luminous a talent was Underwood that his linemen pasted his photo in the back of their helmets, with the words, "How does it feel to block for a god?"

Home isn't Cliffwood, N.J. anymore. It's New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, a maximum-security facility where Underwood's uniform isn't green and white, but state-issued khakis, where his number isn't 33, but 000936298B. It is how he has been identified for the last seven years, ever since he was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife in the bedroom of their Aberdeen apartment, with their two young children sleeping in the next room.

Football? Fatherhood? Freedom? They all seem to be from another life now for the 41-year-old Underwood, who marks his time inside massive walls and razor wire fences, making $2.25 for a full day of painting gray and white cinder blocks. He remains at the epicenter of a horrific and hotly debated crime, one that the prosecution successfully argued was perpetrated by a powerful and rageful philanderer who stabbed his childhood sweetheart, a pregnant Theresa Rodriguez, 88 times; one that Underwood still swears he did not commit, that he says turned on a coerced confession, an illegal arrest and an O.J. Simpson backlash.

"This murder was committed in an especially heinous, cruel and depraved manner. The victim, in essence, was slaughtered," Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Theodore J. Labrecque Jr. said at sentencing.

"They got the wrong person," Underwood says, sitting at a U-shaped wooden table in a cold, gray room in New Jersey State Prison, his blacksmith forearms in front of him, and two large guards at the door. "But I know in my heart the truth will come out."

About the only inarguable fact is that in the blood-soaked aftermath of the hot night of Aug. 24, 1998, tragedy spilled everywhere, leaving behind two young children without a mother; Theresa Underwood and her six-month-old fetus without their lives; the parents of Theresa without a daughter; Terry Underwood without much of anything but 60 years on the inside.

And then there is Underwood's mother, Shirley, who saw a family shattered, and her whole $50,000 retirement account turned over to pay for what the family believes was third-rate lawyering.

"How much worse could it be?" Underwood says. "I lost everything, lost my family. I've already done nine years for nothing. But I am a survivor, man. I am going to make it through."

Thomas Henry Kane (born January 14, 1964 in Montreal, Quebec) is a former professional American football player who played wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks and Toronto Argonauts.

On November 30, 2003, Kane stabbed his wife Tammara Shaikh in his own mother's house in Lasalle, Quebec. Shaikh, 35, died in the hospital soon after. The couple had recently separated.  Four small children were left without parents.

Prior to the murder, Kane was strung out on cocaine and was seen talking to himself.  His wife kicked him out because he refused to work. When she started dating other men, he went ballistic and started stalking her.

On the day of the murder, Kane's mother begged Tammara to come over for an intervention regarding her soon to be ex-husband.  Tammara was reluctant at first but arrived on the doorstep with a church member.

As soon as she walked through the door, Kane ran up to her and started punching her. He then dragged her by her hair into the kitchen and retrieved a knife and started stabbing her in the neck (in front of his mother and the church member).  She died at the scene.

Originally charged with second-degree murder, Kane pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the act. Prosecutors took his depression into account when permitting him to plead to the lesser count.



Years ago, two rich fraternity brothers (their fathers were multi-millionaires) shelled out money to hire Ike & Tina Turner for an animal house frat party.  Ike & Tina and the Ikettes arrived. Tina sang all of her hits while sitting atop an old piano.  Years later, one of the frat brothers (now an entertainment executive in Las Vegas) reminded Tina about the performance.  He's never forgotten her response: "That was the lowest point in my career as an entertainer."

Before his death, Ike Turner admitted to blowing over $11 million dollars throughout his career on drugs, prostitutes and parties.

Former Ikette (Josephine Armstead) co-wrote "Lets Go Get Stoned," with Ashford & Simpson. The record would become a hit for Ray Charles.

Before her career blew up, Ike tried to recruit Chaka Khan as an Ikette.

Ethel Kennedy was also a big fan of Ike & Tina Turner and once invited them to dine with her at her estate.

Valerie Simpson Interview:

Interviewer: Do you feel that you and Nick received enough credit for your role in creating the song "You're All I Need To Get By," after Mary J. Blige and Method Man covered it?

Valerie: They didn't shout us out when they won the Grammy Award for (best rap performance by duo or group) but we got the check (laughs).



He's one of the top three male rappers on the planet!

He's delusional when it comes to his looks. He's convinced himself that he's a very handsome man; a heart stopper if you will.  And just the opposite is true. As of recently, he's been spotted with a paid beard.

He was responsible for getting a teenager (under 17) a deal.  Unbeknownst to the teen, he had to pay him back in the form of oral sex.

The rapper doesn't consider himself gay or bi since he's not penetrating or being penetrated.

The teen got sick of performing fellatio on him and left the industry.

It's doubtful that the teen will continue to pursue a career in rap due to the price you have to pay and our rapper would probably have him blacklisted.

Who is the rapper?